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Meghan DePonceau at Comedy Works South

You know when you're like "I have to come see one of your shows soon!" THIS IS THAT SHOW.


It's a contest, so I need you, YES, YOU.
After years of telling dick jokes part time, I am actually funny now and have a shot at this. PLEASE COME, this is me begging, and I will do it in person too. If me getting on my knees and begging you is what is preventing these FREE* seats from being filled, I will do it dammit. I have no shame and no pride left, just lofty dreams of being a professional jokester.

*Get on the guest list, just call 303-595-3637 and tell them you are coming on October 7th to see Meghan DePonceau

-tickets are $12 if you don't call ahead
-never paid her back that $10 you owed her
-she covered your shift & then you quit and joined the circus and never saw her again
-you slept with her once and gave her chlamydia and feel like you owe her this
-you got drunk and buried a body with her and now are bonded for life
-Or whatever other reason, but I am pretty sure I covered most of them

You don't have to tell them a reason, you just
Call ahead, say my name, get on the guest list, watch me win.

Later Event: October 10
End of Earth Comedy Festival